Idioms and Phrases

Q.1 Gopi works by fits and starts .

1. in high spirits
2. irregularly
3. consistenly
4. enthusiastically


Q.2 Turned a deaf ear.

1. paid no heed
2. went far away
3. listened carefully
4. turned his ear away


Q.3 Yeomans service

1. social work
2. hard work
3. medical help
4. excellent work


Q.4 In cold blood

1. angrily
2. deliberately
3. slowly
4. excitedly


Q.5 A bolt from blue

1. delayed event
2. an inexplicable event
3. an unexpected event
4. an unpleasant event


Q.6 To feather ones nest

1. to make a residential house
2. something that lasts for a short time
3. to profit in a dishonest way
4. none of the above


Q.7 To show clean pair of heels

1. to hide
2. to escape
3. to pursue
4. to follow


Q.8 Gift of the gab

1. good interpersonal skills
2. ability to speak well
3. divine help and guidance
4. none of the above


Q.9 to keep the wolf from the door

1. walk on ice
2. get woollen clothes
3. escape starvation
4. hunt wild animals


Q.10 wear and tear

1. damage
2. lot of sorrow
3. a warning
4. a brand name


Q.11 It is high time he came our of his shell .

1. appeared suddenly
2. became more sociable
3. became a loser
4. removerd his clothes


Q.12 His blood ran cold when he heard his uncle was murdered .

1. He was depressed
2. He was horrified
3. He was frightened
4. He was disgusted


Q.13 As usual he is blowing his own trumpet.

1. refusing to use anybody else"s trumpet
2. playing a tune on the trumpet
3. praising himself
4. prasing himself and others


Q.14 I trust you you will bear with me a few minute more.

1. have patience with
2. support
3. carry the burden for
4. be in control for


Q.15 The police looked all over for him but drew a blank.

1. did not find him
2. put him in prison
3. arrested him
4. took him to court


Q.16 On the issue of marriage, Rupa put her foot down.

1. stood up
2. was firm
3. got down
4. walked fast


Q.17 To take the bull by the horns.

1. to face danger
2. to restrain
3. to inflict a crushing defeat upon the enemy
4. to check rumours from spreading


Q.18 The secretary had the information at her fingertips.

1. on her typewriter
2. not accessible
3. in the compact dise
4. readily available


Q.19 I felt a fish out of water among the lawyers.

1. special
2. happy
3. uncomfortable
4. proud


Q.20 Hard works pays in the long run.

1. always
2. over a period of time
3. indefinitely
4. never


Q.21 At one"s wit"s end

1. Perplexed
2. Clear Up
3. Explain
4. Enlighten


Q.22 All in all

1. Every person
2. Particular thing same in all
3. Call all at once
4. Most important


Q.23 At close quarters

1. close examinations
2. live near to each other
3. live far to each othe
4. in love


Q.24 Apple Pie Order

1. In random orde
2. Related to fruits packing
3. Related to dry fruit packing
4. In perfect order


Q.25 With flying colors

1. Fly high
2. Colorful
3. Work very hard
4. Doing exceptionally well


Q.26 In the nick of time

1. Reach after job done
2. Just in Time
3. Reach before time
4. Doing nothing


Q.27 A man of letters

1. A writer
2. Proficient in literary art
3. Man with little knowledge
4. Good sports person


Q.28 Hold Your Horses

1. Running Fast
2. Easily successfu
3. Aggressive Possession
4. Be patien


Q.29 Off track

1. Speaking unnecessary
2. To lose focus
3. Make mistake
4. Achiving impossible


Q.30 To call it a day

1. Put off work for another day
2. The day was marvellous
3. Give the day a name
4. Decide to finish working


Q.31 Bad blood

1. Shooting
2. Anaemia
3. Enmity
4. Mourning


Q.32 To beat about the bush

1. To try to win favours
2. To talk well
3. To talk about irrelevant things
4. To talk about relevant things


Q.33 Maiden speech

1. Bachelor's speech
2. First speech
3. Last speech
4. Extempore speech


Q.34 To get cold feet

1. Drenched
2. Fear
3. Felicitate
4. Fever


Q.35 Beside the mark

1. Perfect
2. Not to the point
3. Relevant
4. Charming


Q.36 A dark horse

1. A wild animal
2. A black horse
3. An unknown entry
4. A front runner


Q.37 Throw cold water

1. Encourage
2. Discourage
3. Attack
4. Drench


Q.38 Butt in

1. Record
2. Impose
3. Improvise
4. Interrupt


Q.39 To keep in abeyance

1. In a state of permanence
2. In a state of emergency
3. In a state of suspension
4. In a state of revision


Q.40 To be in a fix

1. In pain
2. In distress
3. Depressed
4. In a difficult situation